Following a death

Contact Bolton’s Funerals at any time to enable us to begin the arrangements as per your wishes. Many circumstances will lead you to us, and below, we have listed information that we hope will be of use.


Death at home

The first thing to do is to contact your doctor and if the doctor is not available, contact the police. When the doctor certifies the death, he will issue the medical certificate detailing the cause of death. At this stage, contact a funeral director such as ourselves. John and Janet attend at any time of day, at your convenience. We will arrange to remove the deceased to our funeral home and assure you of our utmost care. When the medical certificate is available, you will be informed by your doctor.

Unexpected or sudden death

The deceased’s death will be referred to the coroner if the doctor cannot issue the medical certificate. The coroner’s officer will contact you to discuss, and a post-mortem examination may be needed to determine the cause of death. You can register the death following the examination and by notification of the coroner’s officer.

A hospital death

It is advisable to contact the hospital where your loved one has died after 9.30 am Monday to Friday. The hospital staff will inform you of where and when you can obtain the medical certificate of cause of death.

Death in a care home

The care home staff will let you know when the medical certificate of cause of death will be made available. As soon as you have the medical certificate, you will be able to make an appointment to register the death. We would advise that the staff know that you would like Bolton’s Funerals to carry out the funeral arrangements.